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I can't start the game, however I can move the guy around in the main menu. The chopping animation looks pretty though.

Were you unable to chop the words on the screen? Chopping those allow access to settings and start the game.

Yes the first time I played the game, I tried doing that but it didn't work. I have tried it again and it did work after trying it a couple of times. So I would recommend making the hit boxes bigger for the words. I thought that the guy would get frustrated from all of the chopping, but his meter only filled up when he got attacked by a cat. After chopping down the 35 trees nothing happened, so I back tracked back to the start of the level and saw the finish line. This part was quite unintuitive, maybe if you start at your cabin and then go back to the cabin it would make sense. However I would suggest just loading up the next level, once you cut down enough trees. Perhaps also have twice as many actual trees in the level as the amount you have to cut down.

All great notes Mika! I will keep these in mind moving forward on future projects.